Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love That #10 Foot!

I've been doing some sewing other than quilts lately and have been using other feet than I normally use. While adding bias binding to the hem of a skirt, I sewed the binding on with my regular #1 foot. But when it came time to stitch the binding down I replaced the #1 foot with the #10 edge-stitching foot. What a great tool to stitch along the edge of the binding with a perfectly straight stitch. Just move your needle position over a step or two depending on how far from the edge you want to stitch. Ta-Dah! A perfectly stitched edge, so easy and no wobbly stitches. In addition, if you ever need to topstitch along the edge of straps for a handbag or long strips of fabric this makes it "oh so easy". This foot is also great to "stitch in the ditch" when you don't want to hand-stitch facings down inside your garment. I LOVE working with this foot! What is your favorite way to use the #10 foot? Sandy